Rooms for rent at a glance

Rooms for rent and multiple room concepts

The variety of rooms for rent is plentiful and chances are high that we find the right room for rent for anyone.

All units are fully furnished and equipped and supplies are offered. From washing machines and laundry facilities, to WLAN, TVs, bathrooms, cleaning and housekeeping services and fully equipped kitchens.  

Flexible Prices

Depending on time and group size

Adjusted daily rates when staying longer

  • Next to offering fair deals between 1 to 7 nights, rental units can be booked for several months too 
  • Being a supplier that sits between standard contractors and hotels, prices will get adjusted when time exceeds. 

Adjusted Daily rates when traveling in a group

  • When traveling in a group and increasing the occupancy level in a unit, we are offering highly competitive prices 
  • We welcome both single travelers and groups, teams and work crews that consist of +30 individuals. 

Your Benefits

Across all locations and rental units

Self Check-In

24/7 Self Check-In

Check-Ins are possible from 2pm onwards. No assistance is required. Guests can enter the doors and collect the keys by help of a keypads. 

No Cancelation Fees

No Cancelation Fees

If plans have changed it is no problem. Cancelation or changing the dates or number of people can be realized free of charge. 


Weekly Cleaning

Every 7 to 10 days free interim cleanings will be realized. 

All costs included

All costs included

All perks such as parking, WLAN, TVs, usage of washing machines etc. is free of charge. 

Highly Flexible

Highly Flexible & Fast

No matter if work or leisure plans change, we adjust to it free of charge. Bookings or changes to bookings can be made in no time on the phone or by mail. 

Always Reachable

Always Reachable

Our team is always there for you. Monday – Sunday 8am – 10pm. 



Our Team is happy to handle all you requests

Always reachable!

  • 8am – 10pm (Monday-Sunday)
  • 24 / 7 by E-Mail (We will answer within one day)

BOOK NOW Direct Booking & Best Price Guarantee

General FAQs

  • The pandemic requires us to take several actions. Notwithstanding, we are open and are happy to hear from you.
    Due to the self check-in process it is possible to handle our business in line with social distancing measures.

    1. We spread guests across all properties and do not exceed occupancy levels
    2. Check-In and Check-Outs do not happen on the same day.
    3. Two days in between an old and a new check-in.
    4. Free interim cleanings, new bed linen and towels whenever requested
    5. No cancelation fees or any other fees when changing booking details. Also in non-pandemic times
    6. Supply of enough soaps and cleaning equipment when requested
  • 1-2 days in advance of your arrival, our front office team is sending you detailed check-in informations.
    It includes the following:

    1. The address that is need for the navigation
    2. Door codes as well as keypad codes with which guests can enter the doors and collect their keys
    3. Descriptions how to find the keys
    4. WLAN information
    5. Some house and rental units have have some more and special informations we would like to provide you

    With door codes, entering can be realized independently and the houses are open for 24/7 check-in from 2pm in the afternoon.
  • Usually the Check-In is possible from 14pm and the Check-Out should be realized by 11am. But we try to be as flexible as possible and in case you cannot make any of these times, just give us a quick call or email.
  • Interim cleanings can be organized every 7 to 10 days free of charge. This is particularly interesting for guests that are staying longer terms. The service is included in the price.

a-domo Apartments – Furnished living – Easy, Flexible and Customized

Competitive Prices

Our flexible pricing strategy is allowing us to find the right rental unit that fits any budget. As a supplier of furnished rental properties and units we offer interesting deals that will be attractive for hotel guests and guests that are planning to stay longstay at one location. Check it out!

Our team is specialized in offering fully equipped and furnished units that offer usual hotel amenities such as cleaning and housekeeping services in addition. Just for better daily rates. Welcome to a-domo Apartments.  

1# fair deals and long stays

When signing projects or contracts it is often unknown how long a stay will actually last. This is no problem and we will take into consideration the expected duration when formulating offers. Our flexible pricing strategy gives our guests maximum freedom and prices adjust when long stays are likely. 

When making an individual offer, we will adjust prices depending on the length of the stay. 

2# fair deals and group travel 

Some rental units are particularly designed for large groups, work crews or spots teams. Accordingly, traveling even with > 40 individuals can be realized at one location. 

Similar to the length of the stay, the size of the group will impact the daily rate to your advantage. We will take the group size into consideration when making and individual offer. Contact us directly!